Masonry is a complex process with bricklaying, mortar laying, erection of scaffolding, trestles, preparation of other items, and a lot more. This skilled process is time-consuming and hard work which skilled workers best do. The masons do them the best by preparing, transporting, laying them out and finishing them as per requirement. Masonry work is best suited to be executed during warm seasons to avoid expansion and contraction of the material.

Masonry jobs can include building or restoration at the location preferred. Building jobs can include building false ceiling, partition walls, outdoor interlock floor construction, floor tiles installation, walls tiles or cladding installation, glass ceiling or enclosure construction and a whole lot more. Restoration masonry jobs include bathroom or kitchen drop ceiling repair, door or window glass repair, floor or wall tiles repair and any other custom jobs that are required at your residential or commercial locations.

At supermaintech, we do all kinds of masonry work apart from the ones mentioned above. Our engineer will do an initial inspection to understand your location that is free of cost. Our Genies will follow it up with a detailed inspection at a nominal fee and present a formal construction plan, time plan and estimate for the job. Once you approve the same, the job will be executed as per your convenience.

You can even book an appointment through our app, free for both IOS and Android users. Our payments are very easy to make, as we take cash, cards, and even online payments.

If you book the service through our Emergency facility, your needs will be looked into within two hours of the booking, at an extra charge. Our prices are competitive and affordable, while our Genies are trustworthy, reliable, and vetted.

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